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Sewer and drain cleaning: We use the best equipment on the market and can usually clear a drain in an hour or less. An electric snake is the best solution to a slow drain. (Please no chemicals)

Well Pumps: We also repair and replace (if necessary) well pumps. If you do them right they should last for at least 25 years.

Well Tanks: Well tanks are important for the health of your well pump. If the bladder in the tank goes bad, you need to replace the tank as soon as possible. We always replace the tank tee and switch, relief valve, and anything else that is necessary to insure a reliable water system for a long time to come.

Faucets: It is nice to have a good faucet, if your faucet is good, it can be repaired. If you need a new one, it is best to install one that you like and will be dependable for many years.

Water closets: toilets are a big reason you might have large water bills,they can usally be repaired rather quickley with a new fill valve and a new flapper.We also unclog alot of toilets,both solutions  usually take less than an hour.

Garbage Disposals: We have always used in-sink-aerator disposals. They have always been the most reliable and come in several different price ranges. A lot of times we can repair yours. We always try to fix them first.

Dishwashers: We have been installing dishwashers for over 40 years and can usually install them for less than the store from where you bought them.

Ice Makers: We have been installing ice makes for a long time as well.  We always recommend an ice maker filter installed on the line to give you good tasting and safer ice and water if you have a water dispenser. Our filters are good for three years.

Hose Bibs: We replace a lot of hose bibs every year.  This happens frequently because the home owner leaves the hose attached to them in the winter.

Yard Hydrants: We replace yard hydrants usually on farms when they wear out, but we also install new ones and the lines going to them for the convenience of having water near your garden or barn.

Water Softeners: We always use what’s called a softener with a fleck head. They are the most reliable heads we have found. We have been installing them for over 25 years and can say there has only been a repair call on a couple of them.

Water Filters: We install whole house filters, under sink filters, and ice maker filters. Our under sink filters and ice maker filters are good for three years, unlike most filters on the market that are only good for six months. These water filters will give you bottled quality water for pennies to the gallon.

Water Heaters: As you could guess, hot water heaters keep us busy. We repair them when possible but will often replace them if they are at or over 25 years old.  It is often more cost-effective to purchase a new water heater than to repair the old one.