Our master plumber can help repair and replace a variety of equipment in or around your property, making your access to water safer and more convenient. Call Gordon Farmer if you need plumbing or heating services in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. All-Pro Plumbing and Heating is here to serve you!

Please call 304-725-6760 for service fees and scheduling. We also offer a 10% discount for senior citizens and veterans for the first hour!


Gordon Farmer can install your dishwasher in your home.


We can repair faucets in your bathroom and kitchen sinks. If you need one replaced, we will be happy to install it for you so that you can enjoy fresh, flowing water for years to come.

Garbage Disposals

We are happy to repair your garbage disposal if it is broken. If it needs to be replaced, we can install an in-sink-aerator disposal, which is reliable and comes in a variety of price ranges.

Hose Bibs

A hose bib, sometimes called a spigot, is the small faucet on the exterior of your home that you can draw inside water from. Leaving a hose attached during the winter can cause damage and require the hose bib to be replaced more often. We can also check water pressure to see if there is a blockage.

Ice Makers

We recommend installing an ice maker filter in your refrigerator if you have a water dispenser. We can install a filter to give you safe, good tasting ice and water that you can enjoy. Our filters last for three years before needing to be replaced, as opposed to most on-the-market filters that only last six months.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

If you have a clogged drain, we can usually clear the blockage in an hour or less using the best equipment on the market. If you have a slow drain, an electric snake may be the best solution instead of chemicals.

Water Closets

We can quickly repair your toilet with a new fill valve and flapper to reduce large water bills. We also unclog toilets if needed. Both services can take less than an hour.

Water Filters

Besides ice filters, we install under-sink filters and whole house filters that can give you bottled-quality water for pennies to the gallon for up to three years, as opposed to other market brands that last only six months.

Water Heaters

Repairing water heaters is a big part of our services. Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace a water heater than to repair one, especially for ones over 10 years old. We can help you enjoy warm water for years to come!

Water Softeners

Water softeners can help remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from your drinking water. We install water softeners with what we call fleck heads, which are the most reliable heads that we have found. We have only needed to repair a handful in a period of over 30 years.

Well Pumps

We can repair and replace well pumps as needed. A new one should last around 25 years.

Well Tanks

Well tanks are used to maintain water pressure in your home, as well as protecting the life of your well pump. We encourage replacing the tank as soon as possible if the bladder goes bad. We are happy to replace any needed parts to ensure your water system is reliable for years to come.

Yard Hydrants

If you live on a farm and have a private water supply, we can repair or replace your yard hydrants when they wear out. We can also install the lines going to them so that you can have water anywhere around your property where it is convenient.

Dr Gordon Farmer